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Iranian Research and Electronic Expansion Support Foundation

(Ministry of industries)


The activities include supporting researches and expansion of electronic industries in private, cooperative and governmental sectors in the form of granting grants or facilities with preferential rate to true or legal individuals, in the following fields:

  • transfer, attraction and development of technology,
  • purchase and transfer of advanced technologies from other countries,
  • applied and developmental researches,
  • short term specialized educations,
  • studies and researches needed for electronic expansion,
  • engineering planning and services,
  • procurement of facilities for participation in domestic and foreign tender,
  • procurement of facilities for participation in domestic and foreign exhibitions,
  • modeling and execution of semi-industrial projects,
  • research on electronic industries,
  • compilation and storage of domestic knowledge and propagating it,
  • granting aids for attraction of foreign investment and technologies.


* All items of granting facilities are among notable items in the foundation.


Iranian Organization for Expansion and Renovation of Mines and Mineral Industries


This organization was established with the purpose of helping expansion and betterment of discovery costs, equipping mine-exploitation, mineral dressing and production of minerals-mineral and metallurgical industries as well as improvement of quality and quantity of production process and products through granting credit facilities, participating individuals, companies, factories‹‹‹ †mines and institutes which have the necessary abilities to fulfill aforementioned objectives‹‹‹ †in the grounds of establishment and expansion of mineral industries and investment for procurement of machinery and production equipments of mineral industries.†

Types of projects included:

  • projects of mine discovery,
  • projects of exploitation-mineral dressing and mineral production,
  • projects of purchase of machinery and equipment for exploitation of mines,
  • projects of establishment and expansion of mineral and metallurgical industries,
  • projects of renovation and establishment of upper-hand and lower-hand industries,
  • projects of recognizing relevant opportunities and creation of surplus value in mining sectors,
  • projects of establishment of basic installations,
  • projects for transfer of superior technologies in mining sectors,
  • other cases with recognition of the organization's committee for evaluation of projects.

Standards for acceptance of projects:

  • coordination with objectives and priorities of the organization,
  • the administrator's competence,
  • technological and economic justification of the project,
  • high surplus value,
  • transfer and attraction of advanced technology,
  • having background in mining sectors, or expertise of the shareholders and managers of the company in related fields,
  • having potential domestic or foreign markets and customers,
  • creating job opportunities for university graduates,
  • appropriate financial/economic status of the partner with minimum investment of 51% of the primary asset for participation,
  • appropriate output rate. †

Expert examination Cost:

After the organization's approval for the project, the applicant deposits 3% of the entire facilities allocated for the project in the organization's account, as the cost of expert examination of the project.†

Commission of the granted facilities:

Commission of the granted facilities and the cost for supervision over execution of projects in accordance with sums paid to each project is calculated as 12% annually, which will be returned with the preliminary facilities (the principal) by installments.†

Different types of the organization's institutes in participation (organization's share of investment), would be one or a combination of them:

  • granting the advantage for a discovery resulting in recognition of mineral resources,
  • granting the advantage discovery certificate and exploitation permit,
  • presenting technical and engineering services in discovery, exploitation, mineral dressing ‹‹ production of minerals ‹‹ and mineral and metallurgy industries,
  • preparing discovery and exploitation equipments,
  • preparing machinery and equipments of production lines,
  • providing technological knowledge and the technology needed for the project,
  • participating in investment for †the execution of projects,
  • other cases with the recognition of the organization's committee for the evaluation of projects.

* Notable items in this foundation are:

- Presentation of facilities to a certain and limited group of projects,

- Charging 3% of the whole facilities allocated to the applicant as expert evaluation,

Acceptance standards: high surplus value, transfer and attraction of the advanced technology, existence of domestic or foreign potential market or customer, optimal financial/economic status of the partner with a share of at least 51% of primary investment for partnership.

Small Industries Organizations



The objective for these organizations is to provide facilities for the existing and newly-established small industries.

Priorities for presentation of facilities:

  • the units exporting industrial parts or goods,
  • the units which have concluded partnership contracts with foreign companies, with the purpose of exporting a portion of their productions abroad,
  • the units which have purchased contract for technical knowledge and products, under license of reputable foreign countries,
  • small biotechnology units,
  • ...

Priorities for the presentation of facilities for establishment of new units:

  • software, computer and information technology (IT) services,
  • designing and assembling industrial parts and goods,
  • manufacturers of related industrial parts,
  • Ö


* Notable items in this organization are payment priorities for:

Software, computer and IT services, designing and assembling industrial parts and goods, units exporting industrial parts and goods, units with purchase contract for technical knowledge and products under the license of reputable foreign companies and small biotechnology units.

Iranian Financial Fund for Technological Developments

(Central Bank and Commercial Banks)


The purpose of this fund is to prepare financial resources that researchers and inventors, either true or legal, need to bring about the self-sufficiency and economic independence of countries.†

Acceptance standards for the projects:

  • Having scientific and functional certificates from qualified authorities, which are as: Iranian organization of scientific and industrial researches-ministry of science, all governmental research centers and official and governmental† universities of the country,
  • The projects must be in the stages of semi-industrial, modeling or research. If it is in the process of execution, it is not accepted. †

Expert examination cost:

A sum of 1.5 thousandth of the granted facilities will be calculated as expert examination cost, and the applicant is informed of this issue (for a project that its research phase has been conducted in the organization and their termination certificate has been issued).


  • A notable item in this foundation is that, the item of charging for expert examination cost ‹‹ 1.5 thousandth of the requested facilities ‹‹ regarding the objectives, it is very close to the policies of Iran National Science Foundation.
  • Interesting standards for acceptance such as: Having scientific and functional certificates from qualified authorities which are: Iranian organization of scientific and industrial researches, ministry of science, all governmental research centers and official and governmental universities of the country and the fact that the projects must be in the stages of semi-industrial, modeling or research. If it is in the process of execution, †it is not accepted.

Amendment 3

(The Presidential Office of Technological Cooperation)


Creation of productive job opportunities and preventing migration of the elite (true distinguished university graduates, elite individuals or nongovernmental legal persons that at least 33% of their possessions belongs to the above people).†

Facilities to be granted are:

  • projects which may result in prevention of the elite migration,
  • †projects which will reach an exploitation phase in a shorter period of time,
  • †projects which may result in fulfillment of requirements of production units,
  • †projects which may result in creation of new job opportunities,
  • †projects with their research stages carried out by the applicant. †

Interest rate for the facilities:

  • Industry of fixed capital: 17%
  • Industry of floating capital: 19%†

Notes: Regarding the objectives this office is very close to the policies of INSF. †

Granting facilities to the following cases:

Projects whose research stages have been carried out by the applicant, projects which may result in prevention of the elite migration and projects which may result in fulfillment of requirements for production units.

Iranian Organization for Scientific and Industrial Researches



About the organization:

Considering the mission and responsibilities given to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in the third five-year-program for economical, social and cultural expansion of Islamic Republic of Iran, the legal bill for reconstruction of the ministry and systematic viewpoint of this bill for organizing the executive affairs and policy-making of scientific and technologic system of the country and assigning strategic policies and priorities in research and technology field of the ministry of Science, Research and Technology, supporting planning and preparing the grounds on technology undersecretary level and †the execution of national supports for technological creation (research and development) on organizational level, the Iranian Organization for Scientific and Industrial Researches was assigned as a supportive organization for †the execution of the policies and programs for creation of technology.†


The main goal of the organization is to support technology creation (research and development) at national level. To fulfill such purpose, the organization tries to prepare the grounds in a competitive space for growth of creativity and innovation, application of research results and industrialization of the technologies achieved by research and development, through its supports, presentation of facilities (scientific, technological, financial, legal, administrative, and cultural), and preparation of necessary arrangements for useful and effective interaction between supply and demand for technology.


  • supporting completion of the circle of research to production in order to prepare grounds for effective application of research results,
  • supporting documentation, attraction, domestication and propagation of the achievements of technology creation,
  • supporting inventors, innovative innovators, entrepreneur researchers, entrepreneur institutes and companies and directing their activities towards accomplishment of the priorities for technology generation,
  • supporting development and expansion of centers of technological-engineering, consultative services and technology creation management,
  • financial support and encouragement of private sector for technology creation activities,
  • creating supportive mechanisms via organizing appropriate systems and facilities for this kind of supports in the organization,†
  • creating effective connection and information services between the suppliers and demanders of technology creation and modern technologies,
  • preparing the grounds for presentation of the technologies achieved from research and development through holding exhibitions and festivals like Kharazmi festival and publication of the relevant information in the form of books, magazines, newsletters, brochures, etc,
  • preparing the appropriate grounds for holding and propagation of applied and professional courses, conferences, and specialized workshops in order to expand human resources in various grounds of technology generation,
  • expansion of cooperation in scientific/technological relations with other organizations and research/technological centers at national, regional and international levels regarding the organizationís field of activities,
  • assigning appropriate policies for supporting the warrant of intellectual property and increase of risk taking power of the participants in technology creation programs,
  • creating research faculties under the organization with independent legal personality, for the researchers and technology creation in accordance with national priorities and modern technologies.
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