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As a consequence of fast development in science and technology and the role of knowledge-based economy in global changes, it is predicted that the chief rulers of the world in future would be those nations and governments which have had the greatest contribution in planning supporting and financing science, technology and researches. With the vast horizon of the supreme leader of The Islamic Republic of Iran about science and research, as a result of the request of a group of scholars and thinkers of university and Hozeh (religious academies) on Oct. 7th, 2003, he (the supreme leader) ordered the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution to prepare the grounds for backing production of scientific software, and also to institutionalize scientific space of the country.

Thereby, by proposition of the Council of Scientific Researches of Iran, and in order to fulfill the 4th paragraph of the 3rd article of the Constitution, and according to the sixth paragraph of the act about "The position, Objectives, and Responsibilities of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution", the council ratified the charter for Iran National Science Foundation, in its five hundred and twenty second session on 18 Feb 2003. This foundation was established with the purpose of supplying researchers' welfare, organizing generation of science and technology, preparing executive grounds in the country for directing research and technological proceeds towards people, and permanent development of the country.

Iran National Science Foundation is a legally independent governmental institute, which is administered by a board of trustees. It is located in presidential institute. The assets of this foundation are supplied via governmental aids, bank facilities, investments of its own surplus assets, receiving financially and non-financially from true or legal persons. President of the foundation has the highest position in INSF, and the board’s approval and under the order of the chairman of the board of trustees he will preside over the foundation for a four year period of time. The current president of the foundation is Dr. Mohammad Farhadi.

In Iran, the foundation supports those who have been described in accordance with the countries needs and priorities. The source for defining research priorities is the book about research priorities which is published by the national Scientific Research Council.

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