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Priority for ratification of proposals

In support research proposals, INSF considers priority for those proposals with the following characteristics:

  • being executed by a team,
  • being inter-field,
  • being para-field,
  • being executed with cooperation of several domestic scientific centers,
  • being defined with cooperation of domestic and foreign scientific centers.  

Types of Proposals

Research projects in INSF are defined in two forms:

  • INSF orders a project according to its research requirements,
  • presentation of a proposal by the researcher.  

Presentation of proposal by the researcher

In order to benefit from material and non-material facilities of INSF, the researchers must complete special form and send them to the foundation. To complete and send that "proposal form", researchers can use one of these three methods: online completion and submission, sending by e-mail, or sending by mail. These three methods are explained below: 

1- Online Completion and Submission (via internet)

The best and quickest method is online sending. In this method, you complete the form directly send it and your proposal will immediately be received and considered. If ever the required information of the proposal is incomplete, you can go to the website again and simply do your favorite changes. The foundation is going to carry out all the activities of investigation of proposals through internet in near future. In other words, all correspondence with the administrators, judges, and supervisors will be done via internet. Thus, all delays of postal system will be eliminated. Moreover, the administrators may immediately know about the status of their proposals. Obviously, such services will be applied only to those proposals sent via internet. To send your proposal online click here.

Notice: To work with the website through Internet (to send a proposal, edit it, and pursue its status) you need to have a password so that the information of your proposal is accessible and editable only for you. To get a password go to sign up (registration) section. After creating your favorite password, you will enter the site and then you can send your research proposal via internet or view the status of your previously sent proposal. For more information about online submission, download and see this file (size of the file 2 MB, it is compatible with Power Point). 

2- Sending a Proposal by e-mail or through conventional postal system

The abovementioned online method is very fast and safe. For accelerating the process of sending and judging the proposals, the foundation strongly advises the researchers to use this method. However, for those researchers who cannot complete the forms online, there is another option. They can receive the file of the forms from this website and after completing them on their personal computer send it to the foundation via e-mail. Those researchers who cannot send their proposals via e-mail either, can send their completed form via conventional postal system. For more information on sending proposals via e-mail or postal system click here.

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