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How to View this Website Properly

Browser Compatibility

Please use Internet Explorer for viewing this site. Otherwise the appearance of the site and some transactions may experience incompatibility issues.


The appropriate screen resolution for viewing this website is 1024x768 or higher.


Notice: The following guidelines are applied only to the Farsi pages of this site. If you are going to see the English pages, there will be no need for installing any font.

This website has been designed in a way that the needed fonts for displaying the texts will automatically be loaded for the website on your computer, and after leaving the website it will be deleted automatically. Of course this option is available only for those users who use version 4 of Internet Explorer browser or more recent ones. Other browsers like Netscape, Navigator, Opera and Firefox do not support this feature. Thus, in order to view the website properly with these browsers, users have to install the needed fonts on their computers.

With the following test you can find out whether the needed fonts have been installed on your PC or not. 

Look at the sentences in the following table. If the sentences in the same line have exactly the same shape, either your browser automatically receives the fonts or you have already had them, in both cases you don't need to install them.

فونت زر معمولي

فونت ميترا پر رنگ

Otherwise, you should save the following fonts on your computer and then copy them on the section Fonts of Windows (c:\ Windows\Fonts), and load the page again.

Visual Facilities

Each page contains several icons at the far right corner under the main menu providing different views of the page. The following picture shows the typical set of icons and the meanings:

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