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The Charter for Presentation of Facilities by INSF

To execute the act of session 522- 29 July, 2003 of the Cultural Revolution Supreme Council, regarding the statute of Iran National Science Foundation (here in this charter referred to as "the foundation"), the following executive charter was ratified in the board of trustees' session 1 Dec, 2003:

A- Objective:

Presentation of services and facilities to those who present research plans regarding the explanation of the proceeding should be in accordance with the objectives of the statute.

B- Application Scope:

Under article 3 of the statute, supports of the foundation covers all Iranian researchers (both true and legal persons) whether academic or nonacademic, inside or outside the country. Moreover, according to article 3 amendment 4, researchers inside the country have priority over others.

C) Concepts and Definitions:

Facilities: The foundation's direct material (financial) supports for the applicants

Services: The foundation's indirect material supports for the applicants

D) Types of Supports:

The foundation's supports are conducted in two different ways as follows:

a) Material supports

a-1) Facilities (grants or credits/loans),

a-2) Investments (participation in the execution of plans)

b) Services.

E) Elaborating on the Types of Supports:

E-1) Grants:

They are granted to those plans which possess the priorities of the foundation, but can not return the facilities in short term. The evaluation committee is responsible to specify and recognize such plans. For the plans covered by this article, possession of a portion of the plan is reserved for the foundation, and if needed or preferred, the foundation can sell or use the practical advantages of it.

E-2) Credit Facilities (loans):

This kind of facilities is for those plans which have economical justifications and accord with priority policies of the foundation. The evaluation committee is responsible for the recognition and specifying the above. The time period for this kind of facilities to be returned is three years, and the interest rate and commission for the facilities is max 10%.

E-3) Investment (participation in the execution of plans)

For this kind of facilities, besides its economic justifications, the researcher supplies a portion of the needed investment. According to its share, the foundation will also share profits and losses. To participate or not, the right for selection is reserved for the foundation.

E-4) Granting Services:

A) Reimbursement of the expense to attend international scientific conferences and assemblies.

According to the statute, the foundation undertakes to pay back researchers' expenses for conferences and international scientific assemblies attended. These types of supports are categorized as grants but the foundation has the right to utilize the results of the researcher's reports of attendance in such conferences or assemblies.

B) Support to hold scientific-research courses:

This kind of supports is with the purpose of more communication and acquaintance and dialogue among researchers, as well as getting familiar with the most recent scientific and research achievements. The expenses for such courses, suggested by the researcher to introduce the selected proposal to other researchers and academic societies, are being paid by the foundation.

C) Helping invention patent:

One of the duties for the scientific committee of the foundation is to prepare strategies to facilitate patenting the inventions and discoveries relevant to those plans which have passed their research and executive stages under support of the foundation, inside and outside the country.

D) Supplying the research equipment needed for the research:

E-5) non- financial Supports:

These supports include the followings:

A) Introducing the researcher to research and service centers:

According to mutual relations between INSF and other research, higher education centers such as universities, and their agreement to use their facilities and equipment, INSF introduces the researchers to the above centers in order to use the mentioned facilities.

B- Granting rewards:

On various occasions, some rewards will be granted to the researchers and those who have presented selected proposals.

C- Scientific confirmation of the researchers:

D- Other administrative supports:

Instructions for each of these supports will be prepared and ratified by the scientific committee of the foundation.

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