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Principal Policies, Work Strategies and Priorities

INSF's board of trustee's act on Dec 10th 2003

According to the article 3, paragraph 4 of the constitution, and based on article 16 of the act "The Positions, Objectives and Responsibilities of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution", Iran National Science Foundation was founded with a primary asset of 20 billion Rials, which had been supplied by governmental aids.

The Manifest of INSf's mission

"Iran National Science Foundation works to prepare the executive grounds for the generation of science and technology and the presentation of material and spiritual supportive aids and services for true or legal researchers, in order for research affairs to flourish and to direct the proceeds of research and technology towards people."

To back this cause the foundation is committed to:

  1. pave the route for the country to pioneer modern technologies,
  2. prepare special supports for national projects, or the projects which have strategic and international importance for the country,
  3. set spiritual supports for researchers and enhancement of their position in society as its main priorities,
  4. supply welfare and comfort for researchers,
  5. identify research requirements and priorities of the country and support their fulfillment,
  6. direct the proceeds of research projects towards people,
  7. prepare grounds for country's permanent development in technology.

Work Strategies

According to article 3 of the foundation's statute "activities of this foundation include comprehensive spiritual and financial support for Iranian researchers (both academic and nonacademic) both domestic and overseas, for the purpose of quantitative and qualitative enhancement of science and technology production, preparing the grounds for application of research results and generation of science at national and international levels." In this regard the following strategies are considered:

  1. the turnover of the foundation and the way it presents facilities must be simple and transparent,
  2. for effective orientation of its activities, the foundation must announce the lists of its subjects and titles of its projects with priority,
  3. for priority assessment of the projects, proper methods must be applied. To improve supportive role of the foundation, it is necessary that instead of direct financial aids, the given facilities be in the form of services,
  4. applicant researchers (true or legal persons) must necessarily have authentic successful scientific research backgrounds relevant to their requested subject,
  5. the foundation must be willing to attract other organizations and encourage people's participation in its plans; researchers (true or legal ones) must participate in investment as far as possible,
  6. the supported plans must prepare the ground for access to modern technologies needed, or they must be economically justified if possible.

Material Supports

Under article 3, amendment 1 of the foundation's statute "material support includes: financing and facilitating of budget allocation process for researchers' approved plans certified by the foundation, supplying a portion of the expenses for participation in valid international conferences and preparing research equipments and requirements approved by scientific committee of the foundation." In this regard the following general policies are considered:

  1. the facilities to be presented in the form of service presentations and in an indirect way, as far as possible,
  2. to refuse the payments for equipment and requirements as for as possible,
  3. as far as possible, researchers (true or legal) participate in supplying the expenses, of plans,
  4. the foundation should share in intellectual property and material profits of the plans.

Non-financial Support

Based on article 3, amendment 2 of the statute, Non-financial spiritual supports include: administrative support, scientific introduction and approval of researchers, preparing conditions for their scientific reverence and awarding them with prizes. In this regard the foundation's general policies are based on the following issues:

  1. arranging opportunities for the appreciation and reverence of selected researchers in accordance with other institutes responsible in this field,
  2. having active connection with relevant organizations to improve researchers' position in the society,
  3. using legal devices and strategies for propagating the culture and spirit of research entrepreneurship.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property of the plans supported by the foundation, and their resulting achievements and reports will be defined according to the foundation's supports and the type and subject of plans. In return for financial and spiritual supports, the foundation can hold a portion or the whole intellectual property of the plan's achievements. In this regard, the foundation's general principles are:

  1. contact with internal or foreign authentic and legal centers in order to cover service needs for patenting of inventions and their intellectual property,
  2. researchers share probable material profits of their idea, as far as possible,
  3. there must be a system for patenting the ideas of those researchers who present their innovative plans to the foundation as well as for protection of their rights,
  4. if ever execution of the plans needs cooperation of several researchers, a necessary network must be established among them, preserving each one's rights.

Supportive Priorities of the Foundation:

Considering the basic function of the foundation, "generation of science and technology, and benefiting the nation from its profits", (based on article 2 of the foundation's statute) the following basic priorities for allocation of finance and non-financial and financial facilities of the foundation are defined:

  1. according to article 3, amendment 4 of the foundation statute, "for using supports and aids domestic researchers have priority over others,"
  2. the plans and requests must necessarily be in the field of modern and advanced sciences and technologies. The foundation's subjective priorities will annually be approved by the scientific committee,
  3. applicant's requested subjects must possess a kind of innovation, creativity and originality. Moreover, the plans should not be step by step repetition of experiences of the developed countries, or translation and duplication of research findings of other countries,
  4. the plans must have distinctive characteristics in comparison to similar domains. In other words, they must not be included in the responsibility domain or work field of other domestic institutes, responsible for supporting researches,
  5. the plans must prepare the ground for the creation of new and specialized job opportunities (especially for the elite),
  6. the plans must have economic and technical justifications, and as far as possible return of the investment,
  7. the plans must show a certain result, if possible, within a short span of time.
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