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Charter for the Supervision over the INSF Proposals

INSF's board of trustee's act on 10/9/82

In order to have an effective and proper supervision over the execution of the foundation's approved proposals, as well as the way its facilities are distributed, and assuring the fruitfulness of the executed proposals for the national scientific and technological developments, the charter for "supervision over the proposals of Iran National Science Foundation" is compiled as following:

Article 1: Objective

The charter objective is to define the style of qualitative and quantitative supervision over the foundation's approved proposals

Article 2: Application Scope

This charter is applicable to all proposals approved by INSF.

Article 3: Definitions and Concepts

Administrator: is the person who signs agreement with the foundation. s/he has all responsibilities for the execution or not execution of the proposal, and s/he is responsible to prepare reports as well as the application for facilities.

Execution Period: a period of three months which starts at the time the administrator receives the first payment and end when administrator has to report to the foundation. Execution period can be extended or reduced via administrator's written request.

Supervisor: an individual or institute with proper scientific and specialized experience and potential relevant to the field of the approved proposal, who is appointed by the scientific committee of the foundation.

Report: typed, compiled and explicit documents about the quality and quantity of the proposal's progress or the reasons and difficulties for slow progress which the administrator must deliver to the foundation at the end of any execution period. Based on this report and with the approval of the foundation's president or any authorized person, the permit for next payments is issued.

Reporting: the way the administrator reports to the foundation.

Supervision: it is done by constant control and evaluation of the approved projects of

the foundation through visiting the proposal's progress, studying the administrator's report and reporting the results to the foundation.

Article 4: Reporting

4-1- The administrator of the approved proposal must present an explicit and proper report to the foundation on how the proposal has progressed or reasons and difficulties for its slow progress.

4-2- The report is required to contain the followings:

  • timetable for the entire project which contains the last progresses,
  • comparative diagram of the amount of plan timetable comparing progress with the real progress,
  • completed form of the expenses for the execution of the plan at each stage of execution together with relevant documents,
  • written application for funds for continuation of the plan.

4-3- The administrator must deliver a typed and bound copy of the final report for the execution of the proposal and its electronic files, to the foundation.

4-4- As a reward, the foundation can give a sum to those administrators who have observed the executive timetable completely.

4-5- At the end of the execution period of the plan, the administrator must carry out all of the commitments mentioned in article 9 of the agreement.

Article 5: Supervision

5-1- Supervisor of the plan is appointed by order of the foundation's president, and has the following responsibilities throughout the entire execution period of the plan:

  • evaluation of the reports of the project's administrator and transfering them to the foundation,
  • confirming the project's progress amount,
  • confirming the final report.

5-2- within a month after receiving the final report, the supervisor must evaluate it and send the results to the foundation. Evidently, if the supervisor does not carry out his/her commitments, the foundation is entitled to decide whether to continue the cooperation with the supervisor.

5-3- The supervisor's fee will be paid in accordance with the relevant instructions.

This charter including articles was ratified in scientific committee's session on 01/02/1384.

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