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Temporary Charter for Research Chair of INSF

In order to implement the policies of the fourth development national program, as well as to strengthen the knowledge-based system and considering the increasing significance of research and technology and in order to improve the capacities for generation and preservation of science and technology, to support outstanding Iranian researchers, to create research capacities at national level and particularly to stop the increasing trend of brain drain and to implement the enactment of INSF board of trustees on 6 July 2005, the temporary charter for research chair was compiled as the following: 

Article 1: Objectives

  • to help the creation of new research capacities especially for promising, broad-minded and farsighted researchers,
  • to help to attract Iranian members of scientific boards and researchers residing inside or outside the country,
  • to help to stop brain drain,
  • to support promising researches,
  • to help the creation of dynamic and productive scientific environments,
  • to support training skillful and specialized forces (like MA and PhD graduates) with the purpose of improving the of educational quality while taking into account educational factors,
  • to achieve new scientific findings,
  • to train skillful and specialized forces,
  • to increase participation in expansion of science boundaries and strengthening scientific position of the country,
  • To carry out the needed researches to solve national problems.

In order to execute the enactment of the foundation's board of trustees and to accelerate the allocation of research chairs, this program will be executed in the form of pivotal institution, in the educational year 84-85. 

Article 2: Definitions and Concepts

Researcher: according to article 3, amendment 3 of the statute, researcher refers to true or legal persons who have knowledge experience and scientific degrees as well as research achievements and their scientific qualifications have been approved by the scientific committee of the foundation. 

Applicant: refers to true or legal researchers who, according to the articles of the charter, have applied or volunteered for research chairs and have completed the forms related to research chairs of the foundation. 

Article 3: Conditions

To support Iranian researchers, the research seat will be granted to the researchers who are promising and have authentic scientific background, new and promising ideas and innovations and research proposals; they must also have enough understanding of the necessities and needs of the society in regard to researcher's specialized field, or work in institutes with strategic program, according to the following conditions:

  • having scientific valid degrees,
  • having valid authorships and articles relevant to her/his specialty,
  • having completed research plans (expansion of knowledge boundaries, generation of science, responsiveness to the needs society),
  • having plans which have reached a semi-industrial level,
  • having projects which have reached the production level,
  • having strategic research plans,
  • having the ability to direct  and train skillful and specialized work force,
  • having new innovative and farsighted ideas.  

Amendment 1: an institute or institutes, which according to the strategic committee of research seat have strategic research plan or plans, will be selected as pivotal one(s) experimentally in 2005-2006. 

Article 4: Strategic Committee of Research Seat

This committee is established with the purpose of examining the conditions of the qualified applicants for granting research seat and being introduced to the scientific committee for final ratification. This committee is composed of seven members as following: 

Permanent members:

  • executive deputy of the foundation as head of the committee and director of the research seat,
  • evaluation manager of the foundation plans,
  • manager of public relations and international affairs of the foundation,
  • two members of the scientific committee selected by the foundation's president,
  • one representative from the supreme council of biotechnology, one representative from nanotechnology headquarters and one from the supreme council of information.

Temporary members

  • two persons from among the outstanding professors and researchers of the country relevant to the specialized field, appointed by the foundation's president.  

Amendment 1: Regarding the subject, the strategic committee can invite legal persons as well (for example, research deputy of the ministry of science, research and technology, research deputy of the ministry of health, treatment and medical education, and …).

Amendment 2: This committee is responsible for pursuing the execution and progression of the affairs related to research seat, selection of candidates through investigating the received questionnaires in accordance with the charter. The committee is authorized with a quorum of four members, and its enactments become irrevocable with four favorable votes.  

Article 5: Expert Examination 

The strategic committee evaluates the presented information according to the guidelines for the standards of receiving a research seat, and introduces qualified applicants to the scientific committee of the foundation for final decision. 

Article 6: The Stages for the Evaluation and Granting of Research chairs to the Researchers:

  1- Limited invitation, according to the foundation's research priorities,

  2- Completion of the questionnaires for research seat (attached questionnaire),

  3- Expert examination,

  4- Granting a research seat of 300,000,000 Rls in the year 2005. 

Amendment 1: After assignment of the research seat, the activities for fund allocation of each seat and passing executive stages will be carried out by management of financial and support affairs and management of evaluation of plans, and in accordance with the approved charter and guidelines of the foundation.

Amendment 2: The strategic committee of research seat is responsible for the supervision over well implementation of the enactments of this charter. 

This charter including 6 articles and 5 amendments was ratified on 23/9/1384.

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