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The Executive Charter

To execute the act of session 522- 29 July, 2003 of the Cultural Revolution Supreme Council about the statute of Iran National Science Foundation (here in this charter referred to as "the foundation"), the following executive charter was ratified in the board of trustees' session:

A- Objective:

Presentation of services and facilities to those who present research plans regarding the explanation of the proceeding must be in accordance with the objectives of the statute.

B- Application Scope:

Under article 3 of the statute, supports of the foundation covers all Iranian researchers (both true and legal persons) whether academic or nonacademic, inside or outside the country. Moreover, according to article 3 amendment 4, researchers inside the country have priority over others.

C- Definitions and Concepts:

Researcher: As article 3, amendment 3 of the statute defines, "Researcher is a title for true or legal person with knowledge, experience, academic degrees and research achievements whose scientific qualification has been approved by the scientific committee of the foundation."

Applicant: True or legal researchers who complete request forms for receiving facilities and services from the foundation, as explained in this charter.

Proposal: A proposal which is presented by completing the forms attached to this charter.

Scientific Committee: According to the statute of the foundation, "a group of scientifically qualified elite of the country who have internationally registered scientific works and possess outstanding scientific and executive background", are responsible for the verification of researchers, scientific qualifications of researchers and ratification of proposals approved by counselors and experts.

Expertise Committee: A group of experts (true or legal) of various fields who evaluate the proposals and their compatibility with necessary qualifications (economic and technical justification), based on the charters and priorities of the foundation.

Specialized Counselors: A group including selected experts and scholars (true or legal) of various scientific fields who scientifically and technically assess the proposals based on their relevant fields of study.

Subject Priorities: A list including titles the plans devised based on their priorities and importance, supported by the foundation and announced annually.

D- Stages for Presentation of Facilities and Funds to the Applicants:

Stage one: Completion of research proposal questionnaires to ask for facilities and funds

1. Completion of preliminary forms: after getting the primary form for facilities and the instructions for its completion, the applicant completes the relevant items. (Attachment number 3)

2. Examining the preliminary questionnaire: it is conducted by the expertise committee; if the preliminary form is approved, the main questionnaire can be completed.

3. Completion of proposal to apply for facilities and funds: after receiving the questionnaire and its instruction manual, the applicant completes it and sends it off to the related officials. (Attachment number 4)

4. Checking the documents: the required documents will be checked by the foundation. In case of any incompleteness, the forms will be completed consulting our experts.

Stage 2: Expert Examination

1. Examination of the aspects of the proposal: An expert group evaluates the applicant's information on the basis of the instructions for the criteria to accept the proposals. If some information is not sufficiently documented, the applicant will be advised how to complete the documents,

2. practicality assessment and technical-economic evaluation: referring the proposal to the counselors, its feasibility and technical-economic evaluation will be carried out. If the proposal does not possess the required justifications, and if the problem is solvable, or if it is due to incomplete information, the information will be completed in cooperation with the applicant. Otherwise it will be rejected,

3. prioritization of proposals: the accepted proposals verified by the counselors will be prioritized according to the relevant instructions (preferably through mathematical models). This is done by the panel of experts,

4. legal evaluation: in this regard, some legal aspects of the proposal will be examined, if necessary,

5. consideration of the type of presentable facilities: the preliminary comments will be expressed after the expert committee's studies and with assistance and cooperation of specialized counselors (if necessary) and approval of the foundation's president, the final decisions will be made.

6. charging for expert and counseling services: for some proposals and with the president's approval, the applicant should pay a fraction of the facilities suggested by the management of proposal evaluation, as the required expenses for expert and counseling services.

Stage 3: Ratification of the Proposal:

- Examination of the proposal in the scientific committee (ratification committee): the views of the specialized group of counselors, together with documents presented by the applicant, will be compiled and the management members of proposal evaluation will comment in scientific committee's meeting. In case of rejection or need for more examination, the committee will return it to the management proposal. Otherwise, the enactment will be issued for continuation of the next stages.

Stage 4: Presentation of Facilities and Services, and Controlling Proposals

1. completing required documents: after the acceptance of the proposal and the type of presentable facilities, the applicants will be informed by mail, in order that s/he may prepare the needed documents for the conclusion of the contract. At this point the applicant must prepare all documents and the necessary backups,

2. concluding contract with the applicant: after completion of documents and warranties, a contract with the applicant will be designed, in which all conditions for presentation of facilities and services, as well as mutual commitments are specified,

3. evaluation and control during the performance: for every proposal, a control and evaluation expert will be appointed who follows the procedure of presentation of facilities and their disbursement, through applicant's successive reports and periodical visits (if necessary).

Stage 5: Documentation and Registration in Data Bank

1. Documentation and evaluation of the results: after the deadline assigned for the presentation of facilities, the relevant reports will be documented and experts will check, evaluate and extract the results for the presentation of facilities.

2. Registration in records and data bank: all information needed for a comprehensive data bank, will be compiled, registered and finally archived, based on the data taken from the applicants and the final plans.

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